Complete with the correct form of the verbs
if you ... me your secret, I .. anybody (tell not tell)
1.If we ... walking , the bus .... (start ,come)
2.He ... angry if you .... him (be ,not tell )
3.If I ... it down. I.... it. (not write , not remember)
4..... you ... me if you .... any news? (call, get)
5.If you .... her nicely,she ... you (ask,help) .... if you ..... (not pass, not study)

1.We ... the house if it ..... a garden (buy,have)
2.If I .... his number, I .... him . (know ,phone )
3.You ... more if you .... harder. (learn ,work)
4.If you .... for a week ,you ....see everything (stay, can )
5.WE ... OUR SON MORE OFTEN IF HE ... NEARER (see , live)
6.I ..... to the doctor`s if I ... you (go , be)

bardzo prosze o rozwiazanie potrzebuje to na jutro bardzo pilnie i bez bledow!!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If you tell me your secret, I won't tell anybody (tell not tell)
1.If we start walking , the bus will come (start ,come)
2.He will be angry if you don't tell him (be ,not tell )
3.If I didn't write it down. I wouldn't remember it. (not write , not remember)
4.Will you call me if you get any news? (call, get)
5.If you asked her nicely,she would help you (ask,help) won't pass if you don't study (not pass, not study)

1.We would bought the house if it had a garden (buy,have)
2.If I knew his number, I would phoned him . (know ,phone )
3.You would learnt more if you worked harder. (learn ,work)
4.If you stayd for a week ,you would see see everything (stay, can )
5.WE would see OUR SON MORE OFTEN IF HE lived NEARER (see , live)
6.I would go to the doctor`s if I were you (go , be)