I have got many homeworks today
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. How many apples have you got?
2. How much money have you got?
3. I have got many cars.
4. How much water have you got?
5- How many flowers is on the garden?
6. How much hairs have she got?
7. How many legs have got a spider?
8. How many sisters have you got?
9. How money animals have you got?
10 How much orange juice do you want?

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1. How many eggs do we need to this cake?
2. I don’t go out much.
3. Many people are vegetarians now.
4. I didn’t spend much money today.
5. I got many gifts for my Birthday.
6. I don’t know much about history.
7. I have many things to do tonight.
8. I have no idea how much ticket to cinema cost.
9. She has many friends at school.
10. You don’t need much milk to prepare dessert.
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