You want to write a mystery story for the school's English magazine. Answer the questions in the plan. Then write your story. Give your story a title.

1.When did the story happen? Where were you? Were you with other people.

2.What exactly happened?

3.What happened in the end? How did you feel?

Mam właśnie napisać takie opowiadanie.
Wszystko jedno o czym..Byle by się nadawało na temat do szkolnego magazynu...
60-80 wyrazów...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day, I was in Thajland. I was there alone on holidays.. It was cloudy and dark. I was going to shop when suddenly, I heard a strange,loudy noise.I went to the one of dark alleys and I saw a Butcher's ghost inold clothes. He was killing poor pig. I was verry scary and I become to Poland. When I became to Poland I told my story. They didn't believe me.
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