How are you? I'm writing to tell you about a new shopping centre I have just been to. It is the only shopping centre which looks like a big circle in the whole Europe! It looks great but it is also enormous and I swear, I have lost several times walking from shop to shop looking for my friends.

You can buy there actually anything - clothes, food, books, furniture, all electronic equipment and even a car! It is a really spacious place so you can buy whatever you wish. The place I liked the most is of course McDonald’s but you can find there also KFC, Starbucks and all the popular restaurants you know. Although food was a little expensive it was totally worth it. Oh, and I’d forgot – there is also a cinema in there! I hope we meet there next time you will be in my town.

Love, Ann


153 słowa, ale jest limit plu minus ileśtam procent, więc nikt ci za to głowy nie urwie :) Mam nadzieję, że nie porobiłam żadnych błędów, ale troszkę wyszłam z wprawy po wakacjach. 

PS: jak nie lubisz Maka to pozmieniaj nazwy, pozdrawiam :P 

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