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Rozpisz tą sytuację.
Przeprowadziłaś się do innej miejscowości. Podczas rozmowy z kolegą/koleżanką z Anglii opowiadasz o tym. Napisz:
1). Dlaczego się przeprowadziłeś/łaś?
2). Co się Tobie podoba w nowym miejscu zamieszkania?
3). Co sądzisz o nowych sąsiadach?



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1) I muss change my Town, because there are so boring.
2) In my new City i like very much Shoping Center.
3) My new Neighbor are so Quietly, meybe becouse they are so Old.

Taki przykładzik :]
Hi MIcheal. I left London with my parents and now we are living in liverpool.
We moved on becuese my father found a very good job here in the city.
This place is amazing. The best thing in here is the football stadium of Football Club Liverpool. My new naighbours are weird. When i go out and say them GoodMorning they are looking at me like they have something to say, but then they stay quiet and answer me.
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1) I changed town because my parents wants to travel all over the world.
2) My town is great because there are many attractions.
3) My neighbors are very likeable and funny people.