Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I am on Alasca. I won this trip in the competition. I am happy that I can tour this beautiful region.
I could see wonderful animals here - polar bear, seals and walruses. Tomorrow and on the nearest days with the guide I will be touring Alasca, I will buy also a few souvenirs.
I hope that I will get to know somebody nice here and at one time I will still be able to here arrive in it.

2. Afryka
Reverence from yesterday I am in Africa. I arrived here at the invitation of my cousin. the winter but I are staying with us for themselves and I am sunbathing in the sun.
I didn't manage still much to see. But by it from tomorrow I am starting touring. The cousin promised me that we would go on Safari, I will be able to see elephants, and maybe thighs also to see oneself of lion?
I want to buy also a few souvenirs.