My friend Kacper is from Poland. He live in Tarnow. He is 15. He has wearing glasses. His hair is black and short. His biggest movie star is John Travolta and Bruce Willis. In free time he reading books and playing games on PC.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My friend name is Casper. He has 17 years .. Casper has short blond hair and blue eyes. Is very high. his hobby is basketball. Casper listens to Techno and Trance. Caspar laughs very often. away from my foot years. very enjoys spending time with him. Casper is a very funny and very similar to mnie.Kacper lives in Warsaw. He is Polish. Casper wears glasses and has freckles. I like to play with his computer games. Casper dresses in loose clothes original.

Po polsku:
Mój przyjaciel ma na imie Kacper. On ma 17 lat..Kacper ma krótkie blond włosy i niebieskie oczy. Jest bardzo wysoki. jego hobby jest koszykowka. Kacper słucha Techno i Trance . Kacper bardzo czesto sie smieje . my sie od pieci lat. bardzo lubie spedzac z nim czas. Kacper jest bardzo zabawny i bardzo podobny do mnie.Kacper mieszka w Warszawie . On jest z Polski. Kacper nosi okulary i ma piegi . Bardzo lubie grac z nim w gry komputerowe. Kacper ubiera sie w luźne oryginalne ubrania .

Mam nadzieje ze pomoglam :)
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My best friend is called Kacper. He is my cousin and he is 18 years old. Alexander lives in Warsaw, and learns in Stefan Batory High School. He is very tall, slim, and handsome. He has black hair, blue eyes, red cheeks, a bright smile and high forehead. Alexander has always clean and short cut nails. He is always fashionably and neatly dressed. Kacper is very friendly, he has a good heart, and he is very sensitive to problems of animals and environment. He likes sleeping till late. He loves watching old movies in the cinema. His favourite film directors are Frederico Felinni, and Antonioni. He is very strong and intelligent. He is open -minded and he has always lots of ideas. His favourite subject is history of antiquity and its culture. He often plays basketball, tennis and football. He is a very good swimmer. His hobby is playing computer games. His favourite food is chicken with chips and cabbage salad. In his free time, he likes to relax in a sofa and read a good, Shakespeare drama. Kacper has a lot of friends, but he likes me most. He has conservative political views, but I`m a firm democrat. Kacper has also some faults. For example, he is a muddler. He does not smoke cigarettes, but he drinks a lot of coffee every day. My cousin is my idol. I hope that he likes me as much as I like him.
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