The Dingo is a domestic dog which has reverted to a wild state for thousands of years and today lives largely independent from humans in the majority of its distribution. The name "dingo" mostly refers to populations occurring in Australia, though dingoes have been proven to exist in Thailand through genetic analyses, where they mostly live close to humans. The dingo is considered as an apex predator in Australia and is, together with other domestic dogs, the biggest terrestrial predator there. As such they are considered to play an important role in the various ecosystems of the continent.
Due to its habit of attacking livestock and the vulnerability of sheep, dingoes and other wild dogs are seen as a pest by the sheep industry and the resulting control methods normally run counter with efforts of conserving the dingo.
It was estimated that the majority of the modern dingoes are also descended from other domestic dogs. The number of these so-called dingo-hybrids had increased significantly over the last decades and the dingo was therefore classified as vulnerable.
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) - representative of the family Canidae, residing in Australia, New Guinea, and recently concluded that most probably belong to this subspecies is also wild dogs from the South-East Asia and the Philippines. On the basis of genetic testing found that the dingo ancestor arrived on the continent probably before 3.5 thousand years with one of the subsequent waves of settlement in South-East Asia. Dingo originally udomowionymi human companions, but in Australia, re-run wild.
Similar to the domestic dog, which gives a fertile hybrid, however, differs from the many important features, including construction of the skull.
Well-adapted to environmental conditions, neither the Australian nor the Asian dingo population shows no downward trend.
It feeds on rabbits, small marsupials, kangurami and pets. Live to 14 years.
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Dingo - Australia's Wild Dog

A true primitive breed, and still in it's wild state, the Dingo is one of Australia's unique features.

Brought to Australia by primitive man, the Dingo is believed to be the ancestor of all dog breeds. These dogs were kept by some groups of primitive man as an emergency source of food and hunting partners.
The Dingo has never been fully domesticated and is now in danger of extinction from irate farmers who lose sheep to hungry Dingoes.
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