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The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is the biggestevent of the year for members of the Christian religion. Christmas is the favourite and most eagerly awaited holiday in both Britain and Poland Among the many Christmas symbols are the decorated ever-green trees, wreaths, Santa Claus, Christmas cards, candles, stars, angels and bells but both countries have different customs and traditions. In both countries Christmas Eve is on 24 December. For this day people decorate Christmas tree and prepare food. In Poland the moment everyone is waiting for is the appearance of the first star in the sky. Then the families gather at the Christmas table which is covered with a white tablecloth and have a special Christmas dinner. The celebration starts with the sharing of the holy wafer by all the familly members while offering everyone good wishes for Christmas. There is also a custom of leaving an empty place for unexpected guest and putting some hay under the tablecloth. The dinner traditionally consists of twelve dishes. There is always red borsch, boiled sour cabbage with mushrooms, fish soup, fried carp, poppy-seed cake and gingerbread. After the meal, everyone unwraps the presents which have been placed under the Christmas tree and there is much joy. In Britain there is another custom of giving presents. Canta Clus leave them in the night beetwen 24 and 25 December in stocking hanging at the foot of the bed. In both countries very important custom is midnight mass. On 25 December British people it traditional Christmas dinner. It consist stuffed turkey or goose, mince pies, vegetables and the rich Christmas pudding with delicacies, spices and dried fruit which was prepared long before Christmas. For British people very important is to listen Queen speech. In Poland president also say something about Christmas but people usually don't listen him. 26 December in Britain is called Boxing Day. On this day people give special presents (money) to paperboys and dustmen.In both Britain and Poland Christmas is not only a yearly religious celebration of the bith of Jesus but also a most familiar, traditional,magical and joyful time of hapiness, reconciliation, forgiveness, love and peace. It is a uniqetime when everyone tries to be kind, friendly and generous to others. Christmas is the holiday that people look forward to every year.
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