Long ago in the faraway land of ancient Greece there was a golden age of powerful Gods and heros, and the strongest os these heros was Hercules.
He was son of the main God , Zeus, master of thunderbolts.
Zeus` brother Hades, the God of the underworld, had an evil plan. He wanted to kill Hercules so when Hercules was born he stole him from his home on Olimpus and changed him to a mortal child using the magic potion. Before he had had the chance to fulfil his plan, Hercules was found by a married couple who had always wanted to have a baby. They gave Hercules love, home and they looked after him.
He grew up as a normal child but he was incredibly fast and powerfull. Unfortunately he was also very clumsy and everybody said that he was a freak.
One day his adoptive parents told him the story of his arrival. They said that he had been wearing a medalion with a symbol of Zeus.
I changed his life...
When a night came, everyone wanted to watch some film and second to eat jakąmś tasty suppers, so they did votings how remains will fall out there will be a film and there will be a supper as the eagle. And Jasio said at some point but not oszukuwiac for me here. So Kasia threw and an eagle ran out, very much so she was narked quickly threw one more time wykorzystala situations which nigd he couldn't see and remains fell out. So Kasia said perhaps to be film about ghosts or jakis horror some so agreed a calm set in and peace, closed sie in the room and zaczeli to watch. But other they went for suppers, so 5 persons watched the rest went to a restaurant for pizzas. The stage of the film was so dramatic and full of different tragedies that, guests of beams sie to say anything and they were speechless to satiated. Suddenly on the wall so some ghost appeared everyone shouted, of aaaaaaaaaaaaa rescue!!!!! noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not possible these are ghosts!!!!!!!!
They escaped from the house. Nigd didn't want entries, but Jasio deboiled the phone there was left mine it is necessary zadzwonic after kogos in order to it sprawdzil so he entered, and it showed itself that it had been reflecting from the film so strong. Everyone oneself as far as smiali and could not uwierzyc from oneself this way let knit themselves.

Licze na najlepszą. Z neta to nie jest . :)