Może to Ci w czymś pomoże (mój referat, który pisałam na początku roku szkolnego) :] :

On the first day of my holidays I went to my grandmother in the countryside. I was there for a week and came back to Zakopane. I met friends. I went to the swimming pool with Monica. I talked with people from the camps. I got to know many people. On one of the camps there was a boy who liked me. I could not talk with him because he is American. He could speak some Polish, but he preferred to speak English, so I had to repeat the lessons. I still have contact with him and he helps me to learn English. In the second half of the holidays I met Monica. We went for walks. She slept in my home. IT WAS COOL! At night we watched comedies, and we talked with Alex. We danced on camp discos. We went shopping. We went to a cafe and to the park.

These holidays were successful and I intend to repeat them! <3 :)

Myślę, że zmienisz miejscowość i imiona i będzie dobrze. Pozdrawiam i mam nadzieję, że choć troche mogłam pomóc. :]
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