In the future I want to be a doctor and this is my dream work. I hope my specialization will be surgery maybe plastic surgery or cardiosurgery I don't know at this moment. I think good surgeon must be confident because sometimes there's no time to have doubt, he must be stubborn because before he can treats people he must hard study and he must be easy-going because he cooperates in team and I think I have that three sharing at this moment. But unfortunately I must learn patience, care and precision because good surgeon have to has that sharing but I haven't it yet. I think that job can give me much money. I know money aren't very important but when we have them life is simplify. Moreover that job will give me a lot of satisfaction and gladness because I think aids people it's a biggest thing what we can do for others.


My dreamed work first of all should be connected with travels, visiting various places in Poland and all around the world, with getting know and living in foreign cultures. I would like to cooperate with inspiring people, from who you can learn a lot.
This work has to give me great opportunieties of developement and must be a challenge, that gives a feeling, that I use whole my skills.
More over, it should be connected with possibility of fast getting knowledge and simultaneously it should depend on doing many projects in different areas, so I wouldn't be bored at all.
I am interested in work as a person responsible for recruitment new clients and market
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