Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My parents bought a haunted house in German and one day, I saw two ghost.
I was in my bed, when I saw them. First, I saw a woman. She was sitting on the chair next to my bed.Naxt five minutes, and I saw a man! He was sitting near woman. They weren't sad, but they weren't happy too. I spoke to them, byt they didn't answer me. And I didn't see them...They disappeared.
The next three days, I read some storys at the library. Many years ago, a boy and girl live in our hause. The parents died, and thier son stayed in the house with his uncle. I often see the ghost, but i never frightened.

Po małych poprawkach, nie zauważyłam wcześniej, że miało byc na 100 słów.
Jak o tłumaczenie, na priv :)
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A generally promising of the evening I went for a walk, it was warm so I decided to take the bike. I traveled for several minutes and reached the place where I never was very dark so I decided to come here tomorrow when I came back I felt as if someone watched me when I turned around but no one was there so when I was driving behind one of the trees, a man jumped out very suddenly startled I turned the steering wheel causing it fell from the bicycle bike broke down so I could not go on, but it was not my only problem with the man who jumped out from behind a tree disconcertingly quickly approached I began to slowly move in the opposite direction as when he started running after me when I too I started to run, it appeared that far out of here there is one village where it was over I was terribly tired and remaining strength when he was calling the aid was caught with a dangerous criminal, now we know the time to trust your instincts
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