-hello doctor
-hello, what's your problem
-I have high temperature, and hay fever what is very embarassing.
-did you take anything drugs
-yes, i do. i was taking polopiryna
-you should stop taking it, you have influenza. I'll give you prescription on antibiotic. You should stay at home for a few days.
-ok, thank you doctor
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P: Good afternoon, doctor.
D: Good afternoon. What's the problem?
P: I have a terrible headache and big temperature. And I think I caught a cold?
D: Yes, I think that too. Have you got a sore troat?
P: Yes.
D: What's your temperature?
P: It's 38,9 degrees Celsius.
D: Not good. I think you have to take aspirin, lie in bed all week and rest. I am writing you a recipe. It's all medication you need take.
P: Thank you doctor.
D:No problem.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-hi doctor.
- hello. Come in. Now, how are you?
- Oh , i feel terrible. i've had an awful headaches for a week . And I feel dizzy and i've got a temperature/ and my back aches . And i've got a really sore throat!
- oh dear! you poor thing , let's have a look... can you open your mouth and say' ah' please?
- awrg.
- do your arms and legs ache?
- yes . i ache all over.
- poor. you've got flu. you should go home and go to bed . you musn't talk and you shouldn't go to work.
- thanks doctor
- come on see me again soon if you need to.
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