Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nowadays, more and more people emigrate to other countries. They usually look for a job abroad, because they want to earn some money. There are lots of pros and cons of working abroad.

First of all, you can earn much more money than in your country. In rich countries the salary is higher. It is a good solution for students, because during holidays they can earn money for their studies.
Secondly, we can find out about foreign culture and traditions. We can also compare life in our country and in the other. It can help us to make a decision in which country we prefer to live.
What is more, it is a good chance to improve our linguistic skills. Thanks to it, our speaking can be more fluent and correct.

On the other hand, working abroad has also some disadvantages. For instance, people usually suffer from loneliness. They can feel homesick.
Moreover, being abroad for a long time can destroy our family relationships. After hard and long work we do not have time to call our wife, husband and talk with our children.
Furthermore, it is hard to find some place to live, because there are a lot of emigrants abroad who also look for flats. Besides, apartments are usually quite expensive.

To sum up, people have to think seriously if they really want to work abroad. They should remember about all problems which they can meet abroad.

to earn much more money
to find out about foreign culture and traditions
to improve our linguistic skills

to suffer from loneliness
to destroy family relationships
difficulities with finding a flat