Opisz siebie samego lub inna osobe (przynajmiej pol strony)
-przedstaw sie
-ile masz lat
-skad jestes
-wyglad zewnetrzny(wzrost,budowa ciala,wlosy,oczy,twarz)
-cechy charakteru i zainteresowania.

to moze byc dowolna osoba, wazne aby kolejnosc byla zachowana



I'm Klara and I'm 15 years old. I'm from Poland. I have got 1.50, I'm slim and I have got brown hair, blue eyes and nice face. I like going to the walk with my dog, reading a books, going to the cinema.
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My name is Paul
I am 18 years old.
I live in Warsaw.This city is the capital of Poland, but life here is really expensive.
I am tall, I have curly brown hair and blue eyes.I have sticky ears as well.I have wrinkles because of laughing :)
I love listening rock music.
I have played the guitar since I was a child.
My friends are always telling my I'm sociable.
When I have free time I like going at the concerts.
In the future I would like to be a musican, specially a guitarist in the rock band.
My name is Ania. I have seventeen years old and I from Poland.
I have the long straight hair. I have green eyes and I'm of average height. I'm slim with person. I like the cycling and long walks. I'm not carrying to sit at home and to be bored. I am a calm, nice and ambitious person