List do przyjaciela. Odnowa biologiczna.

-a name for your health farm and where it is
- what the timetable is for each day
- what food your guests eat
- what exercise your guests can and can't do in their free time
- why the course is good for them
- how much the cuorse and how to contact you.

Chodzi o napisanie listu a nie przetłumaczenie podpunktów, dlatego tak dużo punktów;)
Prosze o list minimum 120 słów;)
Bardzo proszę o pomoc;):)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Ana!

I'm writting to you because I have a great place for your health and soul. “twoja nazwa” is placed on Carnagie Street near GN Bank in nazwa miasta.
Each day you could do different exercises. First day in my Spa & Wellness is for physical work out. Second day is for your peaceful. All day you spend in sounas and leaches (solanka).
Third day is for your flexible. Each person have individual couch on that course. Each and all have to wake up at 7 o’clock. Than you will do your exercises and further you will go for brunch. When you restore your energy you will come back for your couch. At 14 o’clock you will go for dinner and then you could do anything you want to do because it is your free time. After that you will go for a supper and then you can use our premium attractions. Each day is similar to this besides exercises which I exactly described.
On our course we serve a “Swedish table”. There are a lot of fishes, pastas, vegetables, fruits, healthy breads and meats.
In your free time you could do a lot of fantastic attractions. We have special offers in free time. For example: riding on a quads, buggies or mini crosses. Another attractions are our trips on a Baltic Sea.
This course is good chance for you. Finally you could resort your energy and lay off. It’s very important to take a break in a job.
You are my friend so I will give you a discount. This course will cost 200 dollars only for you! This is my number if you will have a questions or you will decide to sign on my course: 555 – 112 – 444


Widzę, że zadanie jest na poziomie, więc jeśli napisałem zbyt długi ten tekst będziesz wiedziała gdzie skrócić. Pozdrawiam :)