How popular are jeans in your country ?
How many pairs of jeans have you got?
Where people usualli wear jeans in your country ?
What styl of jeans are most popular with you age group
Do you like yeans?
How important do you think renewable energy is?why?
What kind of renewable energy do you have in your country ?
There are also problems with renewable sources of energy .What kinds of problems do you think there are?
What are the minimum age limits in your country for :
-getting married ?
-driving a car ?
What other minimum age limits are there in your country?
what do you think of the minimum age limits in your country?
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In my country, Jeans are quite popular, because they are comfortable.
I have 3 pairs.
We haven't any places, where jeans wouldn't be matching! They wear its everything.
I thing that there are tapered jeans, very popular in all country on the entire world.
Yes, I like. I try to wear jeans on different occasions.
Oh, It is very important issue! We should care of our environment and natural resources, which unfortunatelly comes to the end.
There are very little! There is wind, solar and water power.
I think the main issue is money. This is a very costly project, so just only some countries can build that things.
What are the minimum age limits in your country for :
-getting married ? There is 18 years old for man and 16 for woman.
-driving a car ? You have to be 18.
-voting? It is also 18.
For run for Parliament - 21 years old, for run for beeing President - 35 years old, and to Senate - 30 years old.
That is a silly idea. I think that the banned things (e.g. alcohol or cigarettes) make that people, who are underneeth a limit, want to try more, than it will be permitted.
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