Write an e-mail of 120-150 words to a friend describing what you saw, using your notes :
*What was the crime??
*Who were the criminals??
*What they did do??
*Who was the victim??
*What happened??
*Did the police catch the criminals? If so, how??

Use the plan to help you.
Paragraph 1
How are...?
*Say where you've just been
I've just...
You'll never guess what I saw...

Paragraph 2
*Say what you saw.

Paragraph 3
*Suggest a meeting. Ask what your your friend is doing this evening/tomorrow.
*Suggest doing something together.
*Sign off.
Take care and see you soon,



Hi, Susan.

How are you doing? I haven't heard from you for such a long time! I've just returned from a mall, where I witnessed a robbery.

I was passing a computer store when it happened. A man dressed in black ran at an old woman and tore her purse out. He was fast as a lightning, it took him just a moment. The victim began to scream, but everyone was too shocked to do anything. At last someone called 'Police!', but it was too late- the robber had already escaped. I hope they will catch him soon.

Why don't we meet today? Have you got any plans for the evening? We could go clubbing, I know a few good places to go.

Take care and see you soon,

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