Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Santa Claus!

At the beginning of my letter, I would like to thank for all presents, which I got for you. I hope that all my letters reached to you.I am from Poland and I live in ______(twoja miejscowość). I am ___(Twój wiek). I always impatience wait for you. I sometimes think that you don't come, but always you come. All year I am very kind for my friends, family and even for my enemies in order to you give me a present. I usually try to help other people and especially parents. They very love me, I know that. I very like Christmas season. In Christmas I like specific atmospher most. I want tell you something about Our holidays.Everyone loves Christmas. The atmosphere of excitement and expectation can be felt almost everywhere. The moment everyone waits for is Christmas Eve. This night is miraclous because it is believed that animals can speak with human voices.We don't forget about leaving an empty place for an unexpected guest. The table is covered with white tablecloth and hay is spread on it. We children believe that you arrives in a sledge drawn by reindeer visits each our house and leaves wonderful presents. Early on next day in the morning we wake up and open our presents.

In this year I would like from you a lot of sweets and new mobil phone. I think that a Sony Ericsson Satio. Can you give me it in this year? Thanks a lot.
Best wishes:
(Twoje imie)

Mam nadzieję, że choć trochę pomogłam. Pozdrawiam i liczę na najlepszą. :))) :*
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