Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Krakow, Poland, eight a.m. 18 of December, year 2012.
Two lab students sat in a cafe, talking to each other.
One of them was tall, slim and had the look of a man
who hadn't slept for a week,- he was pale, his hair
was untidy and he continued squinting at his converser,-
who on the other hand was his near exact opposite.
He resembled a fat, merry-looking, red cheeked dwarf,
whose eyes were glinting happily like two small stars.
‘-And how is Eric doing this time of the year? ‘
Asked the merry dwarf .
‘-O, Last time I saw him, he was contemplating the sense of life.’
Replied the tall man.
Eric was the nickname students used for Professor Konstantin
Erykowski,- a scientist whose passion was calculating the
date of the end of the world. (His theory stated that the
world will end when he died, because this world
cannot exist without his genius in it .)
“-Well, it’s a change from the You will die, when I die theory”
stated the dwarf.
“-Yes, but I hope he won‘t die, he is quite nice to us sometimes.
Oh, you know him, when you think he is not looking,
you get killed by him for not paying attention. But then
He lets us do more things than other teachers would.
you know, when you don’t have homework…”
Unknown by the students, professor Konstantin
Erykowski had died. He was a smoker, a
heart attack killed him. Dyeing, professor Erykowski
found out that he was right,-the world did end when he
was dieing,-his world. After ten years of effort, he finally
got what he had always wanted.