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I want to my house be very big. It must having a swimming pool. It must having a big, cery big garage. I want to have a nice bathroom. It must be great !
pomogłem ? ;D
I live in a house in Krakow. It`s got four bedrooms and a garden. Downstairs, when you go through the front door, you`re in the hall. On the left is the sitting room, on the right is the dining room (the dining room isn`t as big as the sitting room). In the front of you there`s the kitchen. Upstairs there are four bedrooms- my parent`s bodroom is at the front of the house, above the sitting room, and it`s got a balcony. My bedroom is above the kitchen. There`s a bathroom upstairs. It isn`t as big as the bedrooms. We`ve got two bathrooms, one upstair and one downstairs.

My house of dream is big and garden has.Six chambers has, but my is on mountain.I would invite my colleagues often, that (in order to) play to games video.Two coolers are in kitchen and microwave. Salon is biggest chamber in whole house, there I would spend majority time.