Fill in the correct words from the list, then make sentences.
*to hang out ,soaking, to lose, to run, a loud, electric, cracked, boiling .

i trzeba do tego dopasować.
....... guitar
....... a bath
....... wet
....... hot
....... bang
........ lips
........the washing



1.electric guitar run a bath
3.soaking wet
4.boiling hot
5. to lose altitude (zastanawiam sie czy ma tu byc altitude czy attitude. spr to;) tzn 2 slowka pasuja, ale moze zle spisalas)
6.loud bang
7.cracked lips
8.hang out the washing

1. My mom bought me an electric guitar yesterday.
2.Never leave a child unattended when you are running him a bath.
3.It's raining, and I'm soaking wet!
4.Yesterday was really cold, so I took a boiling-hot shower.
5.A plane lost altitude and crashed. albo jesli mialoby byc "attitude"- My employee lost his positive attitude about work.
6.Did anyone hear a loud bang in Manhattan last night?
7.My lips are cracked because of the cold weather.
8.It's a really nice weather today! I'm going to hang out the washing to dry in the backyard.
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