Na podstawie pytań mam napisać wypracowanie o swojej ulubionej grze komputerowej. Proszę o napisanie jakiej kolwiek gry. Przydało by się jakaś wyścigowa (Need For Speed), albo jakaś zręcznościowa/przygodowa. np. GTA.

Oto pytania:

1. What kind of computer games do you like? (e.g. fantasy, war, simulation)
2. What computer games are you good at?
3. How many hours a week do you play computer games?
4. Do your parents get angry because you play a lot?
5. How many computer games have you got?
6. Do you ever play computer games with other people? Who.
7. Do you ever play computer games on the Internet?
8. What system have you got? (e.g. PC, Play Station 2, Xbox 360)

Proszę pomóżcie, będę bardzo wdzięczny :)



There is game my favourite computer 3 The Sims. I like her (it)! It is very curious, but at the same time fascinating. Heroes survive adventures a lot. I advice her (it) other!

There is proposal only ( unfinished ;]).
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I like to play in action games like Devil May Cry 4. It's very funny and hard to complete game, though I did it. I'm really good in such games, I really like this genre and I have mastered playing at that. I play many hours weekly, about 18, so my parents sometimes gets angry and shout at me. I have got to many titles to name those, but recently I bought some. I have played in some of fighting games like Tekken 5 or Soul Calibur 4 with my friends - Beata and Tomasz.
Of course I won, I always win.
I have played on the Internet too in eg. Silkroad Online - my nickname is Non-tan. So you can add me to friends if you play that game too!
In my home I have PC and also Playstation 3! its really cool, I can watch HD films on Blu-Ray discs too! However, I'll buy Xbox 360 soon.
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