Praca Polega na opisaniu swojej fikcyjnej gry komputerowej .

Zaczynamy tak :
- The name of the game is ......... (fikcyjna nazwa gry) Jt's an ........... ( kategoria gry np. akction,fantasy,adventure,sports,)

a Dalej musimy odpowiedz na pytania oto one :

1What type of game are going to you make ?
2 Are the game going to be vident ?
3.To the game going to are sound efects ?
4.How many levels is the game going to have ?
5.Are people going to play the game on the internet ?
6.Why are your game going to be the bast ?
7.Are you going to become rich and famous ?



The name of the game is Hate Kingdom. It's an MMORPg (multi massive online role-playing game).

1. It's going to be educating game, which will be based at finding peaceful solutions for many conflicts and other problems which take place in that kingdom.
2. It won't be violent, there will be no blood, fights or killing like in other games of that type.
3. Yes, sound effects will be recorded in proffesional studio.
4. In complete version there will be 80 levels.
5. Yes, it will be based on internet. People will connect into groups to find those problem solutions, for example: "King doesn't care about civilians, how we can change his mind?"
6. It's going to be the best because it will be different from all games, and graphics will be in high definition.
7. If the game achieve succes, I am sure I'll be.