From opening of holiday all fairest! Health, luck, flourishing and joy a lot! It wishes ........ (twoje imię)
3 1 3
How many leaves on the tree,
as clouds in the sky,
if the row is the rhyme,
How many father to sons,
While in the Christmas tree needles,
if a helicopter has propellers,
I wish you love so much,
warmth, health, prosperity
Would be a wonderful Christmas
and you were always smiling.


Let them meet the season's greetings,
These easy and difficult to meet.
Let them meet these large and the small,
These spoken aloud or not at all.
Let them meet all of these step by step,
let them meet in the New Year!
3 5 3
Christmas greetings and all good wishes for your health and happiness in the coming year !
2 2 2