Opowiedz własnymi zdaniami poniższe opowiadanie ( coś w stylu streszczenia) do pomocy masz również plan wydarzeń.
My sister Susan and I were in the garden playing with our neighbour's dog last Saturday afternoon when suddenly the sky turned dark grey. Minutes later it began to rain heavily so we ran quickly inside the house. Mum asked us to close all the windows. Just as i shut the window in the kitchen, I heard a loud noise. It sounded like a train. Dad took us to the basement and asked us to keep calm. From there, we could hear the strong wind outside. All of a sudden, we heard a loud crashing noise and my sister started to cry. We tried to calm her down but she was very scared. After a few minutes, the wind stopped and everything was quiet. We slowly made our way up from the basement. The house was full of glass from the broken window. The real damage was outside though. There were trees on the streets and damaged cars all over. Our neighbour were very worried because they couldn't find their dog. We searched everywhere and finally found him behind some bushes. It was a horrible experience and we were relieved it was over. At last we were all OK.

1. the childrens were in the garden.
2. it began to rain
3. They went inside the house.
4. They closed the window
5.They went to the basement
6. They heard a loud crashing noise
7.The wind stopped
8.They went outside again
9. They helped their neighbours.



On Saturday, the heroine and her sister were playing In the garden with neighbor’s dog when the weather began to fall. They run back home immediately. Mother asked them to close all windows. While doing it the heroin heard some noise, similar to the train and she started to panic. Mother asked her to stop panicking and took girls to the basement, where they heard strong wind. Suddenly, something crashed and the sister started to cry, but mother and the heroine tried to stay calm. After some time, everything stopped and girls with mother came back home, which had damaged windows. But outside it was much worse – all trees and cars were destroyed. The neighbor was worried, because he lost his dog. Unfortunately girls found him in the bushes. Everybody was terrified after this experience, but all in all everything has ended luckily.