Hi Ola
What is it you? I carried out the Mayan. Dad bought a house there. It will be nice because I have close to the sea. My room is huge. I have a computer room and TV. I do not like yard. Is large, but everywhere are planted shrubs. I can not play ball.
Yours .........

po polsku

Cześć Ola
Co tam u ciebie? ja przeprowadzam się do Majami. Tata kupił tam dom. Będzie fajnie bo mam blisko do morza. Mój pokój jest ogromny. Mam komputer w pokoju i telewizor. Nie podoba mi się podwórko. Jest duże ale wszędzie są posadzone krzewy. Nie będe mógł grać w piłke.
Pozdrawiam .........

nazwy możesz sobie zmienić
Hello Jenny,

I`m moving to a new house in London. The house is situated in Green Street, I was there with my parnets on Friday.

I`s beautiful, there are a lot of rooms, my room is special I have my own TV, and a big bed. Bathroom is big, but there isn`t shower I have only a bath. Bedroom of my parents isn`t that big as other rooms, but itsn`t a problem for me.

Overall house is beautiful, there are defects of course, but just a little. I like this place, and I hope you will visit me when I move in.