Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

1.playground the game should have a width of 13-15 m

2.In the middle of the fields designated as a circle of radius 1.80 m.

3. Lines end at right angles to the substrate, are mounted plates with dimensions of 120 X 180 cm.

4. On both sides of the fields is called. "Box 3 seconds" (5.80 m from the end) and boxes of free throws.

5.ball the game should be round, with circumference of 75-78 cm and weighing 600-650 g.


6.team consists of 12 players (of which 5 are on the pitch).

7.players reserve team can come in exchange for approval of a judge competitions (during a break in the game).

8.team can make unlimited changes of its composition, except that the duration of one shift may not be longer than 20s, regardless of the number of players changing.

9. Contestants must have a uniform dress and numbers on T-shirts from 4 to 15, marked with a contrasting color.

10.time game is 4 x 10 min. Between the first and second and third and fourth quarter break 2 minutes, and between the second and third quarter 15 minutes

In the game, the following basic provisions:
- Football may be administered, throwing his hands or the gallows.
- Hit the ball with his fist or foot is over the rules.
- Moving the ball is possible only if it reflects a player on the floor (kozłuje).
- Kozłować allowed only one hand. After catching the ball can not be re kozłować.
In the game, the following time limit:
- Within 5 seconds of the whistle from referee should be made to play football (pang-ins)
- If the player holding the ball for 5 seconds does not give, do not throw the ball and did not kozłuje, it is considered a delayed,
- Within 5 seconds to make a free throw dictated by the judge,
- Each team has 24 seconds to carry out the action, and 8 seconds to exit from his own half,
- Not a player to remain more than 3 s "box 3 seconds" opponent when the ball is in possession of the team player.

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