Prosze niech ktos napisze mi te 2 dialogi !! :)

twoi sasiedzi w angli urzadaja hałaśliwe pzyjecie. Wraz ze współlokatorami zastanawiac sie co zrobic.:
* nie zgódź sie z pomysłem zadzwonienia na policje
* zaproponuj inne rozwiazania
*zaakceptuj rozwiazanie kompromisowe

2. Opowiedz zagranicznemu gościowi o przestepstwie o którym dowiedziałes sie z mediów:
* powiedz co sie zdarzyło
* powiedz jakie były skutki wydarzenia
* opisz swoja reakcje



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: Oh my God! It's 3 a.m., I have to be at school at 7 tomorow and Mr Smith is partying so loud! What should we do?
B: It's enough! Let's call the police! A, have you got a mobile?
A: Great idea! Here you are! 112 - call now!
YOU: No, that's not a good idea. We made similar party on Friday and he didn't say anything That's unfair. Maybe you'll put on your earphones and just try to sleep?
A: No way. We must do something, otherwise I'll fail tomorrow's test!
B: A is right! I can't sleep when I hear the music. Maybe we'll call to his parents?
YOU: That's not good too...
A: hmm....
YOU: So maybe we'll go there tell him to be a bit more quiet?
A: Yes, that's a good idea!
B: So let's go!

YOU: Anna, yesterday I watched news on TV and they told about double murder!
A: oh my God!
YOU: Yes, some kids watched some stupid movie and they wanted to check if they are able to make killed people alife...
A: That's terrible....
YOU: I was so, so shocked! That's unbeliveble! They killed two of their friends and were waiting till they "become awake". When their parents came, they were so shocked, that father died on heart attack and mother jumped from the window.
A: That's so sad....
YOU: Yes, I was crying whole night....
1. -I think we should call the police.
-It's bad idea, our neighbours will get mad at us! Just ignore that noise.
-I think he's right, maybe we'll go and say them to behave more quietly.
-I got a better idea! Let's join the party!

2.-Did you heard about robbery in my city?
-No, tell me what they robbed.
-They robbed a candy store! Isn't it weird?
-Are you kidding me? What they took? Candies?
-Exactly! I was suprised when I heard that, isn't that funny?
-Definitely it is!
-Two days after robbery that candy store became the most popular in whole city, owner even changed it's name to Diamond Candy.