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God giving birth. Happy waiting time - decorating the Christmas tree, smell of baked cakes, presents, bustle; these memories from the childhood in the special way wrote the Christmas Eve in our memory as most family and native from holidays get around. He is so also, if we watch customs unique but cultivated in this period appearing in the sphere of the Polish culture.

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In some Christian churches Christmas begins on the day preceding the anniversary of the birth of Jesus - Christmas Eve (evening Dec 24), known in Poland, regionally or Godami asterisk. On this tradition in Poland is a quality post (meatless, in certain regions of the country is close to post). The climax of the gala dinner, to which tradition dictated to sit when you see the first stars in the sky, in remembrance of the star leading the Magi to the stable.

Celebrating Christmas Eve, or traditional post on that date are not common to all Christians, Protestants did not keep such special provisions with regard to eating or not eating meat. Orthodox Christians in force on this day strict fast until Christmas Eve dinner. It should nevertheless be noted that in Poland, the religious minorities and respect the Christmas post due to the specific tradition of our country. The obligation to fast in the Catholic Church was abolished in 1983 (New Code of Canon Law), Poland episcopate a special Christmas Eve post reiterated the document until 2003 - now post Christmas is only recommended.

Poland culinary literature (eg Lemnis Vitry) indicates that the number of guests during Christmas Eve should be even (plus one plate for the absent / dead / unexpected arrivals / Child). By contrast, there is disagreement as to the number of food: according to some sources, it should be 12, while the other stresses that must be odd, generally in the 13 lords, 11 in the nobility, 9 in the middle class. These 13 dishes is an upper bound [citation needed]. But, according to Prince Radziwill JO, you can try all the fish, which are counted as one course.

At midnight in the Roman Catholic churches begins with a solemn mass called Midnight. Next Day (25 December) is called Christmas, and 26 December is in Poland, Boxing Day is celebrated to commemorate St. Stephen, first martyr of the Christian faith. During the liturgical color of Christmas is white.

In countries with a tradition of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christmas Day is a day off from work. In most countries the holiday is also the second day of Christmas (in Britain known as Boxing Day).
Attributes of Christmas

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