Write questions about last weekend and answer them for yourself.

1.make a new fried - Przykład
D you make a new friend ?
yes,I did.He/She.../No,I didn't.
2.phone someone
3.go to a party
4.laugh at a joke
5.spend time with your friends
6.go for a swim
7.have a picnic
8.help your parents

to ma być w czasie Past Simple



Did you phone someone yesterday?
Did she go to a party with you?
Did you laugh at a joke?
How did you spend time with your friends?
Did he go for a swim last week?
Did you have a picnic with family on Monday?
Did you help your parents?
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Did You make a new friend?
-Unfortunately, I didn't

2. Did You call someone?
-Yes, I called my grandmother.

3.Did You go to a party with your girlfriend?
-No, She didn't want to go. I went by myslef.

4.Did You laugh at the Christina's joke?
-No I didn't. It wasn't funny at all.

5.Did You spend time with your friends?
-Yes we spent together a whole weekend.

6.Did You go for a swim?
-No,I didn't feel like doing this.

7.Did You have a picnic?
-Yes I did. I had a lot of fun!

8.Did You help your parents?
-Yes I did. They were very thankful.