Cześć! Czy moglibyście mi pomóc? Muszę napisać na jutro 5-minutową prezentacje na język angielski o Norwegii.
Moglibyście mi napisać kilka/naście zdań o Norwegii? (po angielsku)
Byłabym strasznie wdzięczna :)
Jakieś podstawowe informacje i ciekawostki, albo podajcie anglojęzyczne strony o Norwegii... Cokolwiek :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Norway, Kingdom of Norway (bokmål Norge, Kongeriket Norge, nynorsk Noreg, Kongeriket Noreg) – state laid in North Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. He is bordering with Sweden, Finland and Russia. From an administrative point of view they are also reporting to Norway Jan Mayen, Svalbard archipelago, Bouveta Island, Piotr's Island and and the Earth of the Maud Queen on Antarctica (two last pursuant to the Antarctic Treaty). The name of the country originates from Nordvegen what the road is marking to the north. Norway is a constitutional monarchy. According to the constitution, the king has the very wide power, among others he is choosing the Council of State, into composition which the Prime Minister is accessing seven members well least, for he is enforcing taxes, he appoints all civil, church and military clerks, he is a commander of land and sea forces for bosses, he has also a prerogative of mercy. in fact however the executive branch is sitting down in hands of the government, at the head of which a Prime Minister is standing. The legislative branch is in Stortingu hands (single-chamber parliament) which including 169 deputies are seating themselves in. He/she is composed of two departments: Lagtingu (¼) and Odelstingu (¾). He is being chosen for the four-year term of office. Bills are being carried by his members or the government into Odelstingu by the member of the Council of State. The constitution of Norway is applying on 17 May 1814 to the year, as amended. The legal system of Norway constitutes the specific connection satiated common and civil of lavas. He is appearing here both statutory law what is typical of continental systems as well as case law typical of Anglo-Saxon systems. Norway is most rarely, all over Iceland, with populated European country. The average population density is taking 14.7 inhabitant out on 1 ² km. The population is gathered mainly in the southern part of the country, in the Oslofjord region and on coasts. 3.3 M of persons lives in cities (73 % populations, given from the year to 2001). Oslo is the biggest urbanized area. The average population density of the urbanized area is taking 3787 persons out on the ² km. Other major cities of Norway are Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø, Drammen, Fredrikstad, Molde, Lillestrøm, Kristiansand, narvik. Południowa i środkowa Norwegia jest położona w strefie klimatu umiarkowanego morskiego, a północ (za kołem polarnym) w zakresie umiarkowanego chłodnego morskiego, graniczącego na północnych wybrzeżach z subpolarnym. W niektórych rejonach kraju śniegi utrzymują się cały rok, a temperatura dochodzi do -30 °C