My day
my day
I get up to 8 Then I'm going to dress up and make use of the bathroom. I'm going to eat breakfast and go out to school.Po back and watch television at about 16:00 do homework.When the parents return from work on August wyieramy pizzas and nice to spend time together.

Nie wiem czy jest ono dobrze.:)
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I get up at nine o'clock. I dresss up and eat my breakfast. Then I check e-mail. At quarter to ten I go out to school. My classes start at ten and end at four p.m. I come back to home at four fifty and eat dinner with my parents, after dinneri do my homework. Than i can watch TV and listen mucis form my mp3 player. At nine p.m. I take a shower than i spend some time surfing the Internet. At ten i eat supper and brush my teeth. At ten twanty i go to bed.