Why we shouldn't talk at english lessons?
1. Because it interrups teacher, and then he forgets what was he or she talking about.
2. Because we don't hear what teacher says.
3. Because usually we don't know what exercise we have to do next.
4. Because teacher can ask us, about what was he talking about, and then we can get bad mark.
5. Because then teacher finds out, that we aren't well-mannered.
6. Because teacher thinks about your parrents that they didn't teached you how to behave at school.
7. Because other students want to learn something and we are disturbing them.
8. Because teacher can tell headmaster and he can call your parents or expel you from school.
9. If he call your parrents, they will get mad and can give you punishement.
10. If he will expel you from school it will be harder to find another one.
11. And even find job.
On the English lessons should not talk because:
-it complicates the work of others
-it complicates the work of the teacher
-can be get as a one-way ticket from the class into the corridor
-better in silence listening to music
-if others sit quietly, and you're talking to, it encourages them to join the -conversation
-teacher may consider it disrespectful
-indicates a lack of interest in the subject
-it shows your lack of culture
-how to sit quietly is less chance for a call for answers
-if you talk instead of listening you gain less from the lessons
The English language can not talk, unless you want to learn. Language English is very useful, especially as we are abroad. watch for the English language because it is needed, and it is very worth it to learn.