One day I went outside with friends. Around 19:00 we went to the proposed forest. I was afraid it was already dark, but the fellow went so me too.

I decided that I had switched on the phone all the time and I will enlighten the way, but the girls said that "such a thing is good for kids." I did not want to thaight a marker so that it excluded. We went, and the girls began to pretend to be a terrible noise. I was afraid. I wanted to get away from there, but I was afraid that I lose to! I dropped the idea: I will go with something that hurts me girl certainly will light phones and help me come to your home.

Yes it did. But the girls started screaming at me that I act like kids that have to cope alone. Escaped, and I was left alone in the middle of a dark forest. I reminded myself that I have a flashlight in your phone. Lit it for a while but I unloaded the battery and I was without any source of salvation. I started to run. I ran ahead, not knowing where I was or where to find after dark depths of the ran. Suddenly he hit a tree.

I woke up in hospital with his head wrapped in a bandage. My mother told me that in the morning the police found me bleeding somewhere in the woods. Then my colleagues also found that apparently gave me drugs and that is why I did not notice the tree. The girls were caught, and now sit in jail. I fortunately did not.

It really happened!