The wealth of styles, hundred of new teams and carried on hands by teenagers this three elements idols, which the most accurately characterize the music rock of summers 70. the fans' Crowds they danced in rhythm of new type of the music which stood with element
everyday life.

As result meddling cult European and African, rock'n'roll could to come into being in United States only. Arriving from Europe to America in XVII in crowd immigrants and they XVIII lid brought with me their instruments and their music. It similarly, strength imported from Africa slaves, kept in memory one's traditional music, which – as it that was not one may was them was use one's national instruments – they executed in form of song and dance. By next centuries both musical cultures penetrated and they altered mutually, without regard on racial prejudices as well as the attempt – supported with majesty of right often – in order to to bear it in isolation. At last played blues originally only in south states he, spread north, where his sound przeewoluowało in direction rythm and bluesa – father roch'n'rolla.

For historical beginning of rock music recognise brought out by vocalist and Billa's guitarist Haleya song Roch Around The Clock in 1955 year. Shake, Mambo came into being then Rock and Birth of Boogie. However something of different be bore than boogie – how captured this in one's song Muddy Waters – " Rhythm and blues had child. Which on name of distance the rock'n'roll”.

The works of rock music then strongly stressed rhythm. Basic form meanwhile then verse song ( they to rarity belong be only instrumental works only vocal ).

Rock teams this the most often a few people groups in composition which rhythmical section comes in: bass guitar, drums, as well as melodious: hey instruments – mainly synthetizer, guitar and sometimes woodwind instruments. It this musical style in measure of development was used was instruments of different, oriental cultures ( Africa, be Indo-Chinas).
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