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Auniversary is now within the Wałbrzych Książańskim Landscape Park. It rises on a rocky promontory above the deep ravine, the bottom liquid Pełcznica.

The history of the fortress, originally called Furstenberg, dates back to the end of the thirteenth century, it was built between 1288-1292 on behalf of Bolek and raw, on-site pre-existing defensive stronghold, destroyed by Przemyslaw II. Ksiaz was intended for the prince and head office together with the castles in Chocianowie, Chojnow, Kamienna Gora, Rogowiec and Wlen defense system was a princely Świdnica.

After 1392 the castle and the entire duchy swidnicko-Jawor, came under the rule of the Czech crown. He got into private hands, and until the early sixteenth century, very often changed its owners.

A new era in the history of the castle began in 1509, when it is transferred by the Konrad I von Hoberg (in 1714 the name was changed following the Hochberg). Among the stronghold ruled until 1939 and the period of his reign is considered a giant heyday. Then the building was rebuilt and changed its surroundings. From this period comes today silhouette of the castle and its environs.

The biggest mark on the estate, left the Baroque years. Eliminated when fortifications, signposting the castle in the French style gardens, and the Prince has become a true magnate residence. Another extension of the castle in the years 1718-34. Was added then the projection of the ballroom, who has two stories, later called the Hall of Maximilian. In addition to the extension of the main blocks of the gatehouse was built with two towers and two-storey wing.

Strengthen the economy of the castle was in the eighteenth century. In 1706 years descendant Hochberg, John Henry, I received the hereditary title of Count, and after 1772 the property was no longer subject was divided and inherited only by the eldest, of the male descendants of the family. Strong economic and social position meant that the castle is host to more znakomitniejsi guests, among whom were, among others. King of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm III and the American ambassador in Berlin, later U.S. president John Quincy Adams Jr..

Writing about eighteenth-and nineteenth-century history of the Prince should be mentioned, although briefly appearing on the other side of the ravine Pełcznicy Old Ksiaz. Superficially it might seem that the building is older than the main building, but as the saying goes, appearances are often confused. Well, Old Prince is artificial, Gothic ruins, built in the year 1797 for the life of John Henry IV. They are the result of fascination with the art of romance.

But let us return to the "correct" the prince. Fortunately, the family did not leave Hochberg also in the nineteenth century. Very high and no way threatened the social position and the entrance to the family of Princess Anne Emilia zu Anhalt-Köthen-Pless, who brought as dowry the Duchy of Pless, meant that the family has dealt with the activities of charitable wide-ranging. Financially supports various types of schools, parishes, was submitted measures to improve health conditions for the local population, the construction of apartment blocks, or create libraries of on-site.

In the nineteenth century, the life of John Henry XI, significantly increased the harvest of the castle's library, founded in 1609 in the period between the Library of Ksiaz was the second largest book collection in Silesia, which has 40 thousand items.

Last expansion of the castle in the years 1908-23, in the days of John Henry XV, in which the powerful built in the west wing, with two cylindrical towers. Facade is lined with the red sandstone Lower Silesia. Since then the building completely changed its appearance
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