Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
January- in this month is cold, snow falls.
February-in this month is some warm, sometimes snow falls.
March-in this month snow melts and is some warm.
april- in this month is warm, flovers flourishes.
may- in this month is warm, sometimes hot, flovers flourishes.
June-in this month school ending, is hot.
July in this month is hot, is holidays.
August-in this month is very hot.
September-in this month is warm, sometimes rain falls
October-in this month is cold, rain falls.
November-in this month is cold and sometimes snow falls.
December-in this month are Christmas, snow falls and is cold.
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January is very cold month, same as february, and December. Its a winter time. After winter comes spring. Its March, and april. All the snow melts. Plants are returning back to life. Everything is getting green. Ahh, summer ... , falls on end of the may, june, july, and august. For most of peoples in the world summer is the best season of the year. Sunbath, swiming in the sea, and another. September, October, and November is the time of autumn. Trees are getting gold, kids are gather chestnuts, leafs, and and do their little fellows.

Podoba się?? :) mam nadzieje ze tak bo troche sie nad ty opisalem:) nie wiedzialem jak ty to chcesz wiec napisalem w formie opowiadania :)
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