I was really happy when I heard the news.
They visited Poland this summer.
I went to the party last night.

I didn't do my homework.
He didn't asked about his pencil, that he borrowed me.
We didn't go to the park yesterday.

Were you at school yesterday? No, I didn't, because I was sick.
Did you just hit him? Yes, I did, so what?
Was she angry at me? No, she weren't, why are you asking?
I sang few songs at the concert last night.
My mother sold her car because she lost her job.
He went to the movie theater with his girlfriend.

She didn't break any rules.
He didn't meet any celebrities in Los Angeles.
I didn't call him last night.

Did you paint this picture?
Did she go to school yesterday?
Did he ask her mom before he left?

Yes I went to the doctor yesterday. I didn't feel good.

1.I was in the library

2.i rode a bike

3.i read a book

4.i didnt go to school

5.i didnt do my homework

6.i didnt wrote a list

7.did you go to basia

8.did you eat a sandwich

9.did he learn

10.I did everything
1 1 1