Robert Pattinson was born on 13 May 1986 in London and there at present lives. He played in such films as: HBO First Look, Ring Nibelungów, Vanity fairly. The vanity fair, Harry Potter and the Bowl of the Fire, Haunted Airman, The Bad Mother's Handbook, How it ugh, Dusk, The Summer House, Little Ashes, Saga "Dusk": the new moon. He likes to listen to music.
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Robert Pattinson is from UK. He`s birthday are 13th May. He`s 23 old. He have two sisters: Victoria amd elizabeth. He love music, play guitar, sing a song and write a songs. He likes play with film too. Robert pattinson play in: Harry Potter i czara ognia(nie wiem jak to po angielsku;dd), Twilight, Ther Twilight Saga: New Moon and some moore.

ciesze sie jak mogłam pomóc ;dd
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