What's a typical Monday for you? Use the phrases below to write o short paragraph. You can use your own ideas.

get up * make my bed * have breakfast * walk to school * have lunch * tidy my room * water the plants * do my homework * take out the rubbish * play computer games * watch TV * go to bed

Ps. Trzeba napisać swój dzień tygodnia poniedziałek w czasie Present simple używając powyższych zwrotów. Na całą kartkę z zeszytu A5 (Około 15 zdań)



I get up at nine o'clock. I make my bed and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I have a sandwitch and drink a glass of milk for brekfast at half past nine. I go to shopping with my friends.Then do the housework and empty the rubbins bins. I have dinner at one p.m. Next i do the dishes and tidy my room. In the afteron I bake the cookies. In the evening I do the homework. I do for a walk with my dog at five pm. I have supper. I watch TV at six p.m. I have a shower. I read a book at ten p.m. I go to bed at half past ten.
5 3 5
My typical Monday

I usually get up at seven o'clock (może być tez inna godzina). Later I make my bed. I usually have breakfast at ten past seven. At quarter to eight I walk to school. Later I have a lunch. After school I eat my dinner and later do my homework or I sometimes tidy my room. I hardly ever take out rubbish, becouse I always water the plants. At four o'clock p.m I always watch TV and I play computer games. At ten o'clock p.m I go to the bed. This is my typical Monday.
6 2 6
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Every Monday, I get up at 7 a.m. and then, I make my bed. I go to to wash myself. It takes me ten minutes. Next, I brush my teeth and I have breakfast. Then, I get dressed and I brush my hair. I walk to school twenty minutes before the first lesson. I'm in school at ten minutes to eight. I use this time for learning or talking with my friends. I have lunch at 11 a.m. I'm at home at three p.m. I have dinner. I have some duties after school: I tidy my room, I water plants and I do my homework. Sometimes, I take out the rubbish. In my free time, I play computer games and I watch TV. I usually to to bed at 10.30 p.m.
7 3 7