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Glenn Miller

Initially, he played the trombone in various jazz orchestras, then began to arrange and sell their arr. At the request of Greg created the Nobel Prize for his orchestra which for a time he ran.

In 1937 he formed his own band, but he was not happy with it. In 1938 he created a new big band, and this time succeeded. Together with the orchestra took part in two films "Sun Valley Serenade" (called the Valley Serenade Sun) and "Orchestra Wives" (called Wives orchestra) which only contributed to the popularization of jazz in Europe, including in Poland.

In 1942 he joined the army and became the leader of the Representative Orchestra, U.S. Air Force as a captain. With the army came to England. In addition to the big band led the large wind orchestra and string orchestra. He has played with bands playing on the BBC his jazz arrangements (and not only) in radio broadcasts to American soldiers throughout occupied Europe.

After the liberation of Paris was to be transferred there along with the entire music infrastructure. December 15, 1944, before his band flew low, a single-Noorduyn Norseman plane to France. The plane disappeared under unknown circumstances, the Channel Tunnel. Assumed the flight plan to fly low altitude, due to powracjące B-17 bombers from over France. Two of the crew of the accident zameldowały bombers bomb bay doors and dump bombs into the Channel. Perhaps with the Glenn Miller plane was hit by a bomb.

The orchestra already without their leader gave a series of concerts in Liberated Europe.

In 1983, brother of music, arms, announced that Miller did not die in a plane crash, but died the next day in hospital of lung cancer