I would like to know, when the train to York leaves the railway stadion and from which platform?
Could you tell me that the train has club car?
Is that non-stop train?


Chciałbym wiedzieć kiedy odjeżdża pociąg do York i z którego peronu?
Czy możesz mi powiedzieć czy w pociągu jest wagon restauracyjny?
Czy jest to pociąg bezpośredni?

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi! I want to get to New York. What time the train going to New York? Oh, and from what platfrom it leaves? Is in train wagon with restaurant? I have to be there quickly so is that train stops in other cities or it goes only for New York?

M: me (w sensie Ty;P)
C: conductor

M: Good Morning!
C: Good Morning! Can I help You?
M: Yes... I'm going to New York and I've got few questions.
C: Yes..?
M: What time the train is going to NY?
C: Is going at... 11 a.m. So, for 15 minutes.
M: Oh, and from what platform it leaves?
C: From platform number 7.
M: Is in this train a wagon with restaurant? But if there not I have to buy food?
C: You don't have to buy anything. There is a wagon where you can buy food.
M: And only one question. I have to be quickly in NY. So is that train stops in other cities?
C: No, it goes straightway for New York.
M: Thank you very much.
C: You're welcome.
-Excuse me what time and from which prenu a train is going away
Whether there is a restaurant car on the train
Whether is it a direct train? It is necessary sie move?