Podczas szkolnej wycieczki do oxfordu zgubilas rozmowki polsko-angielskie.napisz ogloszenie,ktore powiesisz na tablicy informacyjnej;
--napisz w jakich okolicznosciach zgubilas rozmowki
--opisz jak wygladala ksiazka
--wyjasnij dlaczego jest to dla ciebie cenny przedmiot
--poinformuj jak mozna sie skontaktowac z toba.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

On 15 December I had lost me Conversation! I suspect that I left them in the park, sitting on the bench because I red them.The book was small and colour. However, the majority were the colors yellow and blueThis is an important subject for me as it means I can easily communicate with others.
If someone finds a book, please contact me!
Phone: 600001002.
E-mail: [email protected]
Provision for the finder shall be rewarded!

Yesterday I lost my conversation guide. I propably left it on the table in class where we had our last classes. It was small pink book with my name on the first page. I'll be very gratefull if someone will give me it back. It's important for me becouse I got it from my grandmother and it makes my life easier. If You found my conversation guide pleac call me 123456789 or send me a text.

thanx for help

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