Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I - Hey, last occurred to me to be an unpleasant adventure when I was driving a car
mate - what happened?
I - when we drove by car with his parents on a visit to his grandfather that broke us up tire
mate - and what you have done
me - my dad wanted to start up next but we had no spare wheel
mate - you could call the roadside assistance
I - and we did just that my dad had a car towing a lot to pay

jak cos wpisz w google translate google to słownik angielsko polski wpisujesz zdanie i ci tlumaczy na polski :D
- Guess what!
- What?
- My car broke down yesterday.
- That's bothersome, why did it break down?
- Oh, I accidentally ran into my mother-in-law.
- And why did that damage your car?
- Because she's a black belt at karate.
- That wasn't very polite of her, was it?
- I suppose not, but it wasn't very polite of me to drive through her kitchen, either.
- Very funny! Ha! Ha! Ha!