Napisz krótkie dialogi po angielsku ( po 2/3 kwestie )
You need permission
1. To miss a test at school (your teacher)
2.To go away for the weekend (your parents) organise a party at school (your head teacher)
4.To inite a friend to stay at your house in the summmer (your parents)



-Good morning Mr. MacMaster!
-I have a doctor appointment tomorrow during our English class...
-Ok. But do You remember that we have a test?
-Yes, I do. But I really need to go to the doctor, so can I just take a test the day after tomorrow?
-Ok, no problem.

-Mom, can I stay at Chritina's this weekend?
-Where does she live?
-Redbud Drive 56.
-Are her parents going to be at home?
-Ok. So have fun and be careful! Call me when You get there!

-Good morning Mr. Ward!
-I have some idea about homecoming. Can we organise a party at school?
-I would love to. But You need to talk with principal, it's not up to me.
-Ok! I will. Thank You anyway ;)

-Hey dad! I was thinking..... Do we have any plans for summer?
-No... You know that me and mom have to work.
-Yes. So would You mind If Casee stay in our house during summer vacation?
- I don't mind. She's a nice girl. Just talk with mom before you invite her.
-Ok, I will! thanks dad!