For the new year I want to stop eating sweets. I want to also begin to learn and acquire the 5 in the same school. I want no longer argue with their parents but to listen ich.I want be nice for friends and not think about heaven migdałach.I will clean every day and help parents.

oto kawałek nic więcej nie moge wymyślić mam nadzieje że pomogłem
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
New Year resolutions the night New Year Eve is only and unique, irrespective of, whether we will chase her off in a home of one own, whether we will go to the party or the great ball, there no denying that this night is running out of something … but also something is beginning! The new year, 12 consecutive months, 365 days with which we are associating our plans, hopes and dreams. Something magic is in this Night New Year Eve, because although nothing apart from the date is changing, each of us wants to close it behind himself certain stage of the life and to begin new how, we believe good time. Earlier we can already hear a few weeks from acquaintances, that they decided in the new year to lose weight, to give the burning up or to learn the Italian, and then alone we are starting thinking – and what I will do for myself? Such New Yearresolutions should be an encouragement to work for us – both of the one professional, as well as of the one above oneself – but let us remember, that if we don fulfil such a promise, we can fall into very much depressing tune, when right before the midnight we realize that then again with something we weren in time … However it isn determining it, that it isn worthwhile deciding nothing - just the opposite – walks only for in order not to overrate one alternatives and as they say: „ to bite off more than one can chew ”! There is an opportune moment now to it, in order to posumować ending year, let us think what was good at it, and what bad, whether it is possible still to redress this evil? Whether we fulfilled some of our dreams, or new desires arose in us? Perhaps it is hard to believe it, but making a list on paper so „ of the pros and cons ” will help us to put our life in order and to specify his purposes. It is necessary to create a certain hierarchy of values and to determine, what is important for us and what we care the most about. Certain very rich man which achieved the great success in the life, asked how he reached it, he answered that he had made a list of all his cells and desires on the sheet of paper, and then he announced them for 20 consecutive years of his life … this way so a hurry isn a key to the fulfilment, only a patience, obstinacy, work and good, well thought-out plan. ”. It is necessary positively to formulate decisions, since then they have the good influence on our subconscious. Perhaps let us not promise ourselves that we will lose weight 10 kilogrammes, but we will start healthily eating, we will take care of the condition and we will start going swimming. Let us not say „ I will learn the Italian ”, only „ I will go to the course in the Italian ”, or else after all nobody on 31 December collectively will be boiling us, neither he questioned on the tongue, it is about so that alone before ourselves we stop pretending and they became operative to the truth! With little steps – but systematically, without the spectacular success – but also without the dramatic defeat! Let our decisions take long this way, until they are fulfilled, they to the truth aren't provided with the expiry date!

jak coś nie wiesz to pisz na priv :P