Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
As most boys on my age, I love football. None of the girl can understand this feeling when you see the ball and the green grass on the pitch.

I try to play football as often as it is possible, but unfortunately it's impossible to do it when it rains. What's why I enjoy PE classes during winter, because that's the only chance to play football. But on summer I play everyday with my friends. We even make tournaments!

I love watching football matches. I try to watch all Champions Ligue and Europea Ligue matches. I usually watch them with my father, who is even bigger football fan then I. I love when my faviorite football team [tu wpisz nazwę] wins important matches. I feel really proud. Unfortunately my mother doesnt't allow me to go for football matches. She said that she will let me when I go to high school.

Summing up, football is the sense of my life. Day without football is pointless for me. The first thing what I do when I come back home is checking football news.
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