Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie zdań z przedimkami.
Polecenie brzmiało: Fill in a, an or the where necessary.
W nawiasie podałam moje propozycje. "-" oznacza, że nie wstawiłam nic.

21.(The) majority of Chinese people speak 22.(-) Manadarin but many enjoy 23.(an) opportunity to practise their English, so 24.(a) communication is not 25.(a) problem. The majority of 26.(-) hotels are in 27.(the) city centre but there is also 28.(a) growing number of resort-style hotels outside the city.
29.(-) visit to the Jade market in Yau Ma Tai is 30.(a) must. There is 31.(the) huge varienty of souvenirs you can buy from 32.(-) markets and you won't believe 33.(-) prices.
Hong Kong is one of 34.(the) safest cities in 35.(the) world. Come and experience 35.(a) holiday of 36.(the) lifetime!



Nie widzę błedów, tylko co do 26 nie jestem pewien czy nie powinno być the.